Striping Services in Lancaster, OH

Line MarkingsWhen it comes to pavement striping and painting, there’s not much our pavement marking company isn’t well-equipped to handle!

From simple roadway markings to expansive parking lot line striping in Lancaster and Columbus, OH, we welcome projects of all sizes and complexities. Our specialty is layout and design, and we offer our painting and striping services in this capacity for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Whether you have specifications in mind or need expert oversight, count on us.

Playground Painting

Need to add some color to your surface? We do interior and exterior playground painting, hard or cushioned surfaces, no matter how large. For interiors, we use epoxy or acrylic paint to ensure maximum results that last. Some of our chief focuses include:

  • Basketball courts
  • Commercial complexes
  • Logos/Custom lettering
  • Playgrounds
  • School mascots
  • Tennis courts
  • Safety Walkways
  • Pallet Storage

Count on us to provide your project with the high level of detail and exceptional attention it deserves to come out looking great.

Warehouse Floor Painting and Line Painting

Bohl Striping & Painting, LLC has painted warehouse floor markings throughout central Ohio. The quality work we have done over 30 years has brought us a steady flow of referrals and repeat customers.

There is much to consider when planning a warehouse striping project. This type of painting service is unlike typical parking lot striping. A major concern is how long the lines or striping should last because that determines the type of paint system needed. A different solution would be recommended for each of these scenarios: a two-year warehouse rental, a three – five year warehouse lease, or a long term warehouse occupancy.

Whatever your needs, Bohl does the job right, on time and at budget, with no surprises or mistakes. This approach has made many of the best companies in Ohio our happy customers. Please call or contact us today to schedule a discussion or get a bid on your warehouse floor painting and striping needs.

Striping Services

Striping ServicesIf your pavement project calls for parking lot striping in Lancaster, OH, we’re ready to answer that call! Our team puts down pavement striping brand-new pavement with precision and care, as well as restripe your existing parking lot markings to add years of clear, safe usage.

Best of all, we have the capacity to work in just about any environment, including roads, bike lanes, no parking zones, walkways, handicap zones, tarmacs, garages.

Some of our chief specialties include:

  • Manufacturing facility work zones
  • Handicap zones
  • Parking lot line striping
  • Shopping centers
  • Warehouses

Need old parking lot markings blacked out or removed? We can do that too! Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a finished surface that looks pristine and functions exactly as you need it to.

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