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Pavement Marking Company in Columbus, OH

Pavement MarkingsBacked by decades of experience, Bohl Striping & Painting, LLC proudly provides expert pavement and blacktop parking marking services to customers throughout Central Ohio. We also provide striping inside warehouses.

From parking lots to playgrounds, we can paint and stripe it how you need it. Contact our pavement marking company for striping services today for an estimate or assistance with layout design.

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Ohio’s Preferred Lot Painting Solution

Pavement Marking CompanyClean, crisp, evenly spaced lines in a parking lot aren’t an accident; and neither is the perfectly proportioned school mascot painted on the basketball court or the careful warehouse floor markings keeping employees safe. They’re the result of keen precision and expert painters. And, if you’re admiring work somewhere in Central Ohio, there’s a good chance the team at Bohl Striping & Painting, LLC is responsible for the beautiful pavement markings you’re looking at!

We’re proud to be one of the most established, well-known, proven pavement marking companies in Columbus, OH, and we take great pride in our work, no matter the job.

Our abilities have been honed over decades and put to the test on projects of all types. As a result, we’re equipped to tackle nearly any job—from parking lot striping to basketball court painting, to road and walkway markings and beyond! We can even assist you in planning pavement markings in Central Ohio. Our ultimate goal is to leave you with a surface that looks great and does its job. We welcome projects for institutions and can also coordinate with asphalt paving companies to provide marking services. Browsing pavement marking companies in the area? Reach out to us today for more information, provided by one of our friendly, knowledgeable professionals.

  • No job is too big for our experienced pavement marking company! We’ve worked on shopping center parking lots, multi-story parking garages, university campuses, playground markings, and more.
  • We’re proud to be among the most experienced striping and painting companies in Ohio, with experience that goes back 30 years!
  • Our expertise includes ADA-compliant striping for a wide range of applications, so you can rest assured your surfaces are striped to code.
  • We have strong affiliations with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • We offer free job-specific estimates on all of our pavement painting and striping and can even assist you with layout design for your project.

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Pavement Marking Company
Whether you need branded painting for a school logo, ADA-compliant striping for your parking lot or warehouse floor painting, we are the choice among pavement marking companies to deliver it. Contact us today for a quote. Proudly offering the best pavement markings through the state.